Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Cake Decorating Classes

Did you know that we run Cake Decorating Classes!

Come and learn in a small group in a relaxing friendly lesson with one of our talented teachers. 

In February and March we are running;

Wilton Method Courses
Course 1 : Buttercream skills - come and learn how to level and finish a cake to perfection in buttercream, and learn key piping skills on our 4 week course.

Course 2 : Royal Icing - learn how to perfectly finish a cake in Royal Icing, and learn beautiful piping techniques to pipe flowers and more on our 4 week course.

Pop Up Courses and Workshops 

Quilled Cake : Come and learn this gorgeous technique for creating quilled patterns in sugar.

Easter Egg Workshop: Come and learn how to make some cute sugar bunnies, sugar roses and pipe an Easter Egg in this Easter Workshop.

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