Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Cake Decorating Classes

Did you know that we run Cake Decorating Classes!

Come and learn in a small group in a relaxing friendly lesson with one of our talented teachers. 

In February and March we are running;

Wilton Method Courses
Course 1 : Buttercream skills - come and learn how to level and finish a cake to perfection in buttercream, and learn key piping skills on our 4 week course.

Course 2 : Royal Icing - learn how to perfectly finish a cake in Royal Icing, and learn beautiful piping techniques to pipe flowers and more on our 4 week course.

Pop Up Courses and Workshops 

Quilled Cake : Come and learn this gorgeous technique for creating quilled patterns in sugar.

Easter Egg Workshop: Come and learn how to make some cute sugar bunnies, sugar roses and pipe an Easter Egg in this Easter Workshop.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

where have we been!

We're sorry we've been awol from our blog for a while! 
Well, we're back and we're hoping to keep up to date with a couple of posts every week, to show you new cake decorating tools, equipment and decorations xxxx

We're currently getting cake-links shop ready for Easter