Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Window Cake

Cake-Links Christchurch, reveal their Christmas Window Display Centrepiece Cake for 2013

This year's centrepiece is four tiers, with the top two tiers being double height, making the cake a total of 18" tall.

Designed on a 'big house' theme, with a small living room and open fire, with a sleeping cat, presents by the tree, and stockings over the fire.

The second tier is decorated as a Victorian kitchen with copper pans, bags of flour, and a huge range oven.

The third tier, is a grand dining room with tall Georgian style windows, a dining table full of turkey, cakes and pudding. There is a little dalmatian under the table.

The top tier is rooftops, with santa in moonlight against the night sky.
At the bottom of the cake is a real narrow gauge railway that goes round!

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