Sunday, 23 September 2012

Doric Edible Glitters

Doric Edible Glitter
At last 100% Edible Glitters are available on the UK market!


This fabulous new product from Doric FPD aims to bridge the gap between slightly sparkly lustre and bling factor non-edible glitter.


Cake-Links are currently stocking all 18 of these fabulous new colours.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Back to College essentials

With so many of you heading off to college or other cake decorating courses, we though we'd put together a new section with cake decorating supplies that we are most commonly asked for.
Most of our student customers ask for the same stock items, time and time again,
The list of products they normally ask for are as follows
Rolling Pins: 20" Rolling Pin for cake covering, and a 9" rolling pin for small work, e.g rolling out icing for flower making, or model work.
Smoothers - essential for getting an even finish on your sugarpaste (rolled Fondant) cake coverings.
Royal Icing (Wet Icing)  Equipment:
Palette Knives:

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Did you see the Great British Bake off last night?
Well they showed excellent use of Chocolate transfer sheets to creat stunning patterns on chocolate with very little effort.
Here are just a few of the transfer sheets that we have in stock, great for using with white, milk or plain chocolate and can be used with candy melts.

Just take a baking sheet, put the transfer sheet on to it, pour on melted chocolate in a slab, for a bar of chocolate, or make little pools of chocolate for buttons! pop in the fridge or somewhere cool, leave to set, peel away the plastic sheet and hey preston the pattern will be revealed - easy.

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