Saturday, 4 August 2012

One Recipe - different size cake tins

One Recipe - different size cake tins

We've all been there, we have a tried and tested recipe, but need to make a bigger cake with it.

If you have a Madeira Cake Recipe than you can start from an 8" recipe, and the following should help. Remember although the quanity increases sounds a lot - you are measuring in volume, not just the width of the tin!

So for a
                                    6" cake tin, half the recipe
                                    7" cake tin, 3/4 of the recipe
                                    8" cake tin, is the complete recipe
                                    9" cake tin, is the whole recipe plus a third
                                   10" cake tin, is double the recipe
                                    11" cake tin, is two and a half times the recipe
                                    12" cake tin, is three and a quarter time the recipe

Remember that you baking times may vary slightly, a madeira cake usually takes one to one and a half hours to bake (at around 175 degrees C). Just skewer the cake to ensure the cake is baked completely.

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