Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Chocolate Cigarello Cake

Luxurious Chocolate Cakes!

 Ever wanted to make a luxury chocolate cake that really looks the business!

We Stock High Quality White Chocolate Cigarello sticks

White Chocolate sticks for Wedding Cakes or any occasion cake!

As seen on Lorraine Pascale BBC - watch the video

Chocolate cigarello are fragile and as such you should allow for breakages when calculating how many you will need.

Perfect for Wedding Cakes, high quality tightly wound cigarello
One box should comfortably go round up to a 10" round cake.

Coat the outside of the cake in Buttercream or white chocolate Ganache and then stick the cigarello on, remembering to put the seam of each cigarello to the buttercream.

A great tip, is to use some organza ribbon to wrap round the finished cigarello cake, as this will prevent any movement, if the venue is warm!
You can match the ribbon to the cigarello or any colour that the bridesmaids may have etc

As a rough estimate a box of cigarello should comfortably cover a 10" round or Square cake. If you are making a wedding cake, an average size of 10", 8" and 6" round, you should allow 3 boxes, if you are making a Square wedding cake of the same average sizes of 10", 8" and 6" you should allow 4 boxes.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 3 - Elizabeth and Albert 1923 - Royal Wedding Cake.

In 1923 Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married Albert, Duke of York,
the second son of King George VI

This beautifully elegant wedding cake was made for the Wedding by Huntley and Palmer, and stood a staggering 10 feet tall.

This fantastic video gives a glimpse of the Royal Wedding Cake, on display at Huntley and Palmer's Reading in 1923, just days before it was delivered to the Palace. What an amazing sight - all those people queuing to catch a glimpse of the Royal Cake - Amazing!

If you'd like to see a little more about the Wedding - just play the video below.

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Royal Wedding Cakes: Day 2 - Prince Charles and Diana Princess of Wales

Royal Wedding Cakes: Day 2 - Prince Charles and Diana Princess of Wales
Official Royal Wedding Cake

This Hexagonal cake was the official cake for the Wedding of Charles and Diana, Wednesday, 29 July 1981.

23 Official Wedding Cakes were made for the day. A very plain traditional looking cake, with Royal Iced collars and coats of arms around, finished with fresh flowers.

Head baker for the Royal Naval cooking school, (David Avery) made the cake. It took 14 weeks, and the bottom layer took 12 hours to bake.

Amongst the other suppliers were Mary Ford of Southbourne, Bournemouth, who delivered a spectacular cake designed by Eddie Spence MBE, the cake was driven to London in Limousine!
Another wedding cake was made by a Beligian Pattiserie Chef A. Sender.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Royal Wedding Cakes : Day one - Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco

We thought we'd go for a Royal Theme this week, so we are going to start with a bit of celebrity.

The Wedding Cake of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, Wedding Cake

1950's Movie Star Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco were married in 1956.

Every girl dream sof being a famous star, or being a princess - Grace Kelly managed both, billed at the time as the wedding of the century, photographs show a magnificent wedding day, and it was watched on television around the globe.

The stunning six-tier cake was made to feed their 600 guests! It was made by patisserie chefs from Monaco's Hotel de Paris, and was a stunning showcase of the art of sugarcraft in Royal Icing.

The cake is said to have been cut by Prince Rainier III with a sword!


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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sugar blowing (Blown Sugar art)

Sugar blowing (Blown Sugar art)

We just had to show you this video of an amazing sugar artist, working in the street!!!
Enjoy :-)

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Roller Boot Cake

Roller Boot Cake

This cake was a made a few years ago for one of our team's friends. The Roller boot is formed in polystyrene and layered in soft sugarpaste to give a leather boot effect. The weels are sugar and the whole thing is held together with dowels. We love the bright colours used in the cake, the stars are a mixture of bitter lemon / lime sugarflair colour, and melon yellow. A simple set of star and circle cutters make this desig a winner. The kids loved it, and despite saying that the shoe was non edible  - they did try to eat all the icing off it!!

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Cupcake Toppings

Decorating Cupcakes the right way!

We're often asked what the right way to decorate cupcakes is. Should I use frosting or Buttercream or Royal Icing?

We would normally recommend Buttercream (frosting is an Amercian version usually made with white fat and icing sugar ..... quite rich and not that great tasting) 

To make a good white buttercream, start with a good quality white butter like President, or Anchor. Bring this to room temperature and cube it into your mixing bowl, add a little icing sugar to get the mixture going, and use a flat beater blade on your mixer to beat the buttercream, add the rest of the icing sugar a little at a time while beating the mixture on a slow setting. If the mixture seems a bit hard, you can add a little boiled cooled water from the kettle - we don't recommend milk because it can go off! The longer you beat the buttercream on a slow setting the whiter it will go! Beating the buttercream breaks down the sugar, where as whisking it will just leave you with a yellow buttercream because you are not breaking down the sugar.

If you are making cakes for a special occasion such as a wedding and want a very white icing, then you need to make Royal Icing (You can make buttercream and add whitener, but the whitener doesn't absorb well and tends to leave guests tongues white!).    For Royal Icing, you need to put the DRY ingredients into your mixing bowl, these are 455g of icing sugar and 15g of Renwhite (Powdered Pasteurised Egg White). Mix the two together thoroughly (Mix them while they are both dry). Once mixed through, add 85g of water and beat on a slow setting for 10 -15 minutes. Half way through add 2 teaspoons of Glycerine - this is really important as not adding this will make the icing set like concrete! Once ready the mixture should have the consistency of whipped fresh cream, if it is a bit too stiff, you can add a drop of water to soften, but make sure you don't add too much as it will make it too soft to pipe.

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These are just some of the things That we would like to share with you - not made by Cake-Links, but we think they're gorgeous.

These gorgeous mini cakes will get you creating your own!
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Friday, 13 July 2012

Olympic Torch comes to Christchurch, Dorset

The Olympic Torch comes to Christchurch, Dorset

The Olympic Torch will be in Christchurch, Dorset, on Saturday the 14th of July 2012, it will be passing through at 9.30am, on it's way from Bournemouth going towards Lyndhurst and Lymington.

Our Christchurch shop will be open as usual, however if you are planning to visit us you may want to wait until after 10/ 10.30 am.

So some of our staff visited Winton in Bournemouth tonight and they had a great time watching the Torch Relay.

Make a boat themed cake

Make a boat themed Cake

Have you ever been asked to make a cake on a natical theme?
This short video will show you step by step, how to easily make a simple boat themed cake, on a round cake.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Eddie Spence 80th Birthday

Eddie Spence MBE - Happy 80th Birthday

Eddie Spence celebrates his 80th Birthday today  - Congratulations from all the team at Cake-Links.
In case you didn't know Eddie is a Royal Icing genius, and has had a long and illustirous career in sugarcraft, making cakes for all manner of Royal Occasions.

Eddie still teaches and still judges for the British Sugarcraft Guild amongst other things.

What always amazes us, is how he can captivate an audience when teaching his skills. In a recent demo at Penningtons School of Cake Artistry you could hear a pin drop as Eddie beautifully piped a cake and made it look really easy!

Eddie Spence begain his cake decorating career as an apprentice baker for J W Mackie in Edinburgh, Scotland. He studied confectionery and has taught at Napier College in Edinburgh, Kedleston College and Wilmorton College in Derby. Eddie worked with Mary Ford for a number of years, and his world renonewd skills led him to work on several Royal Wedding Cakes, including a wedding cake for Prince Charles and Princess Diana and Her Majesty the Queen's golden wedding anniversary cake.
Eddie Spence was awarded an MBE for service to Sugarcraft in 2000. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Plunger Cutters

We have a great new range of plunger cutters from Kitchen Craft.

These superb cutters, are available in sets,  in many different style including daisies, leaves, snowflakes, holly, roses and more, have a look at the whole range at www.cake-links.com


Fondant Ribbon Cutting Kit

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Cake Pops

Everyone Loves Cake Pops

These delicious miniature cakes on sticks are a great hit with kids and adults a like. They are very easy to make, but can be time consuming!

We start by baking a cake, so any type of sponge cake will do, be it plain sponge, carrot cake, red velvet, chocolate, lemon or whatever you fancy.

Once the cake is cooked and cooled we crumb it, so you break down the cake into smaller and smaller pieces until you end up with cake crumb. We then add a little buttercream to bind the cake crumb together, which gives you a kind of truffle paste mixture, this shouldn't be too wet, because you need to form it into shapes.

The most basic way of forming is to roll the mixture by hand into a ball, it should keep it's shape! You can also use a cake pop scoop.  Place the balls of mixture onto a greasproof lined tray. The balls should be about 1" to 1and a 1/2" round - any bigger and they tend to fall of the sticks and be difficult to coat.

******The important bit.
We coat the Cake pops with Candy Melts - However if you just put your lollipop sticks into the mixture, when you come to dip them the balls will just fall off the end of the sticks! (We normally use 4.5" or 6" sticks) To prevent this happening, melt a little candy melt in a dish (either by microwaving or on a bain marie (pan of water with a dry oven proof bowl on top)). Dip the end of a lollipop stick into the candy melt, push into the ball of mixture, repeat for each ball. Now we refrigerate these for an hour or more if you can. This means that the balls will set firmly on the sticks and make it easier to dip. *********
Once you are ready to dip the cake pops. Remove them from the fridge and allow them 15 minutes to warm up slightly, now melt your candy melt, and begin dipping making sure that you have completely covered the ball of mixture up the lollipop stick with no gaps. Stand in something solid to allow to dry (e.g. and polystyrene cake dummy or separator, or a cake pops stand) - candy melts dry quickly and so should be decorated straight away - one by one, so have your chosen decorations ready to stick on, or to dip into - as in our photo. If you dip them all and then decorate nothing will stick to the candy melt, and you'll have to stick on with edible glue / royal icing etc. 

Once dry you can store the cake pops out of the fridge and they should last a couple of days. Better still they can be put into little bags for gifts, or covered in a small bag individually. 

Enjoy making your own cake pops!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Sport in London 2012 - Cake Decorations

Are you ready for the ......... well were not allowed to use the word O*****s, so instead are you ready for Sport in London 2012!

We have a fantastic range of cake decorations to get your creativity going, whether you are making a large cake or cupcakes we have coloured icings, sugar toppers, plastic toppers and much more.

These are just some of the highlights of the Sport in London range that we like
Sporting icons edible sugar discs. These gorgeous discs have little sports icons e.g. fencing, cycling, swimming, rowing, running. and are perfect for cupcakes. 

Winners medal 


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Work Experience Student produces beautiful cake

This beautiful cake was made by our latest work experience student.

Over the course of her week at Cake-Links we taught her how to cover a cake in sugarpaste icing, how to make run out butterflies, hand made roses, push mould buttons and shells. She put the cake together to create this gorgeous vintage look, not bad for a 15 year old who had never decorated a cake before!!
What do you think :-)

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

New Shop Sign for Cake-Links Christchurch

We have a brand new shiney shop sign at our shop in Christchurch. The Sign Creations Team did a fantastic job, and we're really pleased with it. We now can't wait for a dry sunny day to take a decent photograph of it! It's great that the new sign highlights our website at http://www.cake-links.com