Thursday, 12 November 2009

Christmas Cake Decorating

Have your visited our new Christmas Shop?

We have a great new range of Christmas Cutters,
Edible Sugar Decorations for Christmas
and traditional Cake Toppers.

Check it out now!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cake Decorating - Sugar stars, sugar snowflakes

We have two great new products in time for Christmas

Sugar Snowflake and Sugar Stars. A great addition to your winter themed cakes

White Sugar Snowflakes
These are perfect for sprinkling on to cupcakes, or onto your Christmas Cake.

Sugar Stars
We also have these gorgeous sugar stars, in a mixed pack of yellow and white.

Spruce up your Christmas Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating : Cup Cake Wrappers

We have a fantastic new range of
cupcake wrappers

These simple to use cupcake wrappers will add a touch of elegance to your next party. At just £6.99 for 12, these are a great new addition to your cupcake making.

They look specatacular around wedding cupcakes, and a bit more stylish than a bun on it's own.

We thoroughly recommend using a contrasting colour cake case with your cake wrapper, so that the cake case colour can be seen through the wrapper, e.g a black cake case with a red cake wrapper and so on.
Available in several designs, with more being added all the time! Spruce up your cake decorating.
Find out more at