Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Cake Decorating : Time to take a Cake Decorating Course?


It's not too late to think about joining a local cake decorating class. Many colleges offer cake decorating classes in different areas including flower making, model making, icing : either in Royal Icing or in Sugarpaste.

Visit your local cake decorating shop and ask them where the nearest classes are. They can probably tell you where the best courses are and what you can hope to acheive.

Does the thought of going to college for a course put you off?

Most colleges offer 6-8 week taster courses, and these are usually social hobby courses rather than accredited (tested!) courses! So if you went on a taster course now, you could probably expect to learn how to make and decorate a Christmas Cake.

To find out where your nearest courses are contact your local Adult Education Centre, or your local College.

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