Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Cake Decorating : Black and white swirls wedding cake

Cake Decorating:
Black and white swirls wedding cake

This cake was a bit of a challenge!
We wanted to recreate some of the lovely swirls patterns that are all the rage in home style at the moment. We first looked into piping the sides of the cake, but on realising that the pattern would need to be planned, drawn out, traced onto the cake and then piped, we opted for a simpler option.
We used edible ink food pens, to draw a random swirled pattern onto the side of the cake. A different approach to cake decorating, Food Pens are fantastic for fine detail, and you can also do blocks of colour - you need to make sure that the icing is dry enough, we would suggest a minimum of overnight for your icing to dry. If you don't allow the icing to dry, the nib of the pen will dent your icing, meaning that you won't get lovely clean lines on the cake.
We then added some small black and white layered flowers, just to add a bit of texture as you look at the cake. The cake topper is made of edible ribbon loops, with some satin black ribbon, black pearl beads and butterflies that compliment the swirled design.
We presented the cake on a mirror board, which really brings the effect into it's own.


  1. Hi! You visited my Ahonlaita-blog, that's nice! :)
    This cake is awesome. I wish I could make something like this someday.
    The cakemirror is very nice idea, too. Haven't seen it before!

  2. Absolutely fantastic. I simply love this kind of artwork on cakes. Yes, the mirror base is such a fantastic idea. Bravo.