Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Are you shopping locally?

Do you use your local, butcher, baker, 'cake maker'! We all know that most people use one of the big 3 supermarkets for the majority of their shopping.

But what happens when all the small shops have gone???

Think that won't happen?
Think again! Our own UK government's “The House of Commons All-Party Small Shops Group estimates that there will be no independent retailers by 2015. This equates to the loss of 50,000 small businesses. Death of the high street is on our doorstep!

I'm an independent retailer - so this is kind of worrying!

So again - do you shop locally?, or Do you buy birthday cakes in the supermarket (very short cakes, not much butter cream - finished appallingly, not personalised, but in a pretty box and under a tenner? Do you buy your vegetables (shipped in from Egypt, Israel, New Zealand...) in you supermarket?

Why are you not buying from you local grocer - too much hassle?
Get it delivered - there are lots of box schemes etc. e.g Riverford, Able and Cole, along with hundreds of local farmers - both organic and non organic.
Worried about the food going off ?- Buy veg in the supermarket and it seems to deteriorate far, far quicker than veg bought from a farm or box scheme. (In my personal experience, supermarket new potatoes went green after 2 days, and were rubbery, box scheme new potatoes stayed fresh up to 6 days before even having a hint of any deterioration). Supermarket lettuce, no good in 2 days - Box scheme lettuce perfect up to 5 days, and flavour - well that's a whole different story!
So what?Well if you buy a lettuce and throw most of it away because you didn't get time to use it - it may be cheaper from the supermarket, but you then have to buy it again . . . hmm - false economy, waste of money, waste of landfill.
Back to shops!
"Small shops are struggling to survive because of local, regional and national government policies, together with the failure of the competition authorities to deal with the aggressive policies of supermarkets." federation of small businesses(FSB)

"Unfair pricing advantages, such as below cost selling, should be prohibited." FSB
In other words - supermarkets can buy a product and sell it to you for less then they bought it for - how can anyone compete with that, and why are supermarkets allowed to do it?
Now - are you thinking that can't be right, or the supermarket wouldn't make any money - well they don't do it on every product, but the buying power of a supermarket means they can out price most small businesses, and wholesalers that small businesses buy from.
Think about this - Tesco's allegedly make just over £90,000 PROFIT per MINUTE, (business scotsman)
How much does your local Butcher, Baker, Cake Maker make in PROFIT a YEAR. . .
So again I ask - Are YOU shopping locally . . . ?
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  1. YES! I am shopping locally.

    My husband and I live in Brampton (small market town in NE Cumbria) which is very well stocked with shops. We've got a great butcher, an excellent greengrocer, a lovely wholefood deli (which sells delicious local cheese) and an Aladdin's cave of a hardware shop, all of which get our regular custom.

    And we have our milk delivered daily by a friendly local milkman.

    The only food shop we don't use is the baker's - but that's because I make my own bread and everyday cakes :-)

    And for special occasion cakes we buy from my sister-in-law who runs Tots' Teas